Fully Automated 3D Inspection of Welded and Brazed Seams with VIRO WSI

The VIRO WSI camera-based seam inspection system inspects welded and brazed seams using an automated process and with 100 percent accuracy.

VIRO wsi automated camera-based seam inspection system
VIRO WSI automated camera-based seam inspection system

VIRO WSI is highly robust, even in harsh welding environments. All inspection results are saved and are immediately collected in a log file. This means product quality is flawlessly and seamlessly documented. The inspection system's graphical user interface generates a clear display of the results of the welded seam inspection. VIRO WSI classifies the defects, and displays the position and type of defect in detail.

The fourth generation VIRO WSI inspection system is further enhanced with a sensor, high-performance computer unit and inspection and configuration software. The experience gained during our many brazed and welded seam inspection projects has been used in the development of our compact sensor, sustainable, energy-saving and compact computer unit, and intuitive, user-friendly software.

Graphical, Visual and Intuitive – the VIRO WSI Operating Concept

VIRO WSI is a flexible system solution that can be adapted for the broadest range of production uses. The inspection system’s graphical user interface can be intuitively and simply operated and offers quick access to key information. VIRO WSI classifies the defects, displays the position and type of defect in detail and creates meaningful statistics. Precise 3D images of seam parameters or defects are displayed in a user-friendly manner and automatically documented and archived.

Inspection Criteria

The VITRONIC Weld Seam Inspection System Inspects:

  • Pores/holes
  • Undercuts
  • Weld volume
  • Weld width
  • Misalignment
  • Weld length
  • Throat thickness
  • Asymmetry of filled weld
  • Incompletely filled craters

Computer – Energy-Saving, Sustainable Processes

The computer unit uses passive cooling. The compact cabinet dissipates the heat only via the surface and two cooling elements on the sides. Thanks to its compact size, it can be flexibly installed along the production cell with little space requirement.

Early Intervention in the Production Process

Setting individual warning limits and inspection guidelines for brazed and welded seams enables early intervention in the production process. Product quality fluctuations and defects are quickly detected. The quality control parameters can be adjusted during live production, thereby minimizing production system downtime.

Automated Reworking

Manual reworking is time-consuming and costly. VITRONIC's inspection system transmits the inspection results, particularly the type and position of the defect in rejected components, which then become the basis for reworking. The defect type and position are shown clearly on the component. This enables manufacturers to use manual and even automated processes to implement the reworking required for brazed and welded seams.

Regardless of the inspection job at hand: For any challenging machine vision task, VITRONIC is the ideal partner. Worldwide.

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  • fully automated quality control, always reliable and efficient
  • more efficient weld seam inspection reduces costs
  • extremely economical, rapid return on investment (ROI)
  • objective 3D measurements instead of subjective assessments (high level of quality)
  • inspects seams during and immediately after the welding process
  • quality is logged (can be used as proof of quality)
  • enables statistical evaluation as basis for process optimization (defect detection)
  • early warning of production drift using alert thresholds and serial defect detection
  • can be integrated into production lines (enables a complete automation chain)
  • reliably inspects weld seams in highly reflective materials such as aluminum
  • extremely rapid recording speeds
  • as your requirements grow, the modular design of VITRONIC's solutions will enable you to upgrade systems quickly and easily
  • as a flexible system solution, VIROwsi can be adapted to suit a wide range of production lines and client's specific needs (simple and complex inspection tasks)
  • field-tested operating concept



  • Inspect axle components
  • Inspect bodywork
  • Inspect wheels
  • Inspect assemblies
  • Inspect seats
  • Inspect batteries
  • Inspect exhaust systems

Input voltage 120-230V AC
Mains frequency range 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
(without service socket)
150 W
Ambient temperature
during operation
Max. image capture rate 1860 Hz
Scan width 30 mm
Scan depth 40 mm
Working distance 57 mm
Sensor weight 1,5 kg
Standard inspection speed 100-800 mm/s
Nominal ocular hazard
distance (NOHD)
1400 mm
Process interfaces Dig. IO, Profi bus, Profi Net,
Interbus, DeviceNet, EtherNet/
IP, CC-Link, CANOpen