Fully Automated 3D Inspection of Welded and Brazed Seams with VIRO WSI

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Krzysztof Wanat

Area Sales Manager (Systemy bezpieczeństwa ruchu drogowego)

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  • fully automated quality control, always reliable and efficient
  • more efficient weld seam inspection reduces costs
  • extremely economical, rapid return on investment (ROI)
  • objective 3D measurements instead of subjective assessments (high level of quality)
  • inspects seams during and immediately after the welding process
  • quality is logged (can be used as proof of quality)
  • enables statistical evaluation as basis for process optimization (defect detection)
  • early warning of production drift using alert thresholds and serial defect detection
  • can be integrated into production lines (enables a complete automation chain)
  • reliably inspects weld seams in highly reflective materials such as aluminum
  • extremely rapid recording speeds
  • as your requirements grow, the modular design of VITRONIC's solutions will enable you to upgrade systems quickly and easily
  • as a flexible system solution, VIROwsi can be adapted to suit a wide range of production lines and client's specific needs (simple and complex inspection tasks)
  • field-tested operating concept



  • Inspect axle components
  • Inspect bodywork
  • Inspect wheels
  • Inspect assemblies
  • Inspect seats
  • Inspect batteries
  • Inspect exhaust systems

Input voltage 120-230V AC
Mains frequency range 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
(without service socket)
150 W
Ambient temperature
during operation
Max. image capture rate 1860 Hz
Scan width 30 mm
Scan depth 40 mm
Working distance 57 mm
Sensor weight 1,5 kg
Standard inspection speed 100-800 mm/s
Nominal ocular hazard
distance (NOHD)
1400 mm
Process interfaces Dig. IO, Profi bus, Profi Net,
Interbus, DeviceNet, EtherNet/
IP, CC-Link, CANOpen