Solar Module Inspection

Optical Inspection of Solar Modules Using VITRONIC Machine Vision Solutions

For maximum efficiency, high returns, and a favorable margin, optical inspection is a critical aspect of module production. The VINSPEC SOLAR machine vision solution can automate this process. It enables reliable positioning, defect detection, and testing.

Optical inspection of solar modules with VINSPEC solar
Optical inspection of solar modules with VINSPEC SOLAR

The Following Inspections Occur during the Module Manufacturing Process:

  • Quality of incoming cells
  • Precise cell layout in stringer
  • Post-stringer inspection
  • Electroluminescence quality inspection
  • Back-end inspection

VITRONIC Offers Machine Vision Systems for All Relevant Module Production Steps:

  • Optical inspection of incoming cells before entering the stringer:
    VINSPEC SOLAR inspects the quality of cells and measures their position. This provides accurate position data to the handling system for precise alignment of the cells inside the stringer. Additional quality inspections include contour and symmetrical deviations, print deviations, surface defects, and cracks.
  • Optical inspection following stringer:
    VINSPEC SOLAR inspects the position and quality of strings. It determines the precise position of the strings as well as the contour of the string and the connections between the cells.
  • Optical inspection of string and completed module:
    VINSPEC SOLAR uses electroluminescence for quality and functional inspections. It checks for inactive areas/breaks, inactive or nearly inactive cells, gridline breaks, and micro-cracks.
  • Optical inspection of complete module:
    VINSPEC SOLAR inspects the completed modules before and after lamination, e.g. for trapped air or mechanical shifts. It checks the gap distance between cells and if there are gaps in the module frame, determines the position of ribbons, and checks for micro-cracks

VINSPEC SOLAR systems offer a unique way of combining quality inspection tasks with handling tasks. Hundreds of systems at 70+ end customers are proof of our unique concept.

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  • VINSPEC SOLAR systems have a proven track record of being extremely accurate, sturdy, and reliable
  • Very high customer benefit
  • Very good price/performance ratio
  • Global network and service offering
  • More than 30 years of experience in industrial machine vision systems
  • Standard systems, customizable to specific processes and customer needs
  • If your demands grow, the modular design of VITRONIC solutions makes system expansion quick and easy
  • Hardware and software package from a single source
  • 1000+ camera systems installed in cell and module plants all over the world
  • Customers include Hanwha/Q Cells, Solarworld, Motech, Yingli, JA-Solar, Trina, Jinko, TSEC, Canadian Solar etc.


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