Solar Cell Inspection

Higher Returns and Maximum Efficiency Using VITRONIC Optical Solar Cell Inspection

VINSPEC SOLAR machine vision systems reliably automate the sorting in the cell tester for the production of high-efficiency cells. In addition, they can help immediately detect and correct deviations in upstream processes (such as texturing, coating, and electro-plating). This ensures optimum quality. For maximum efficiency, high returns, and a favorable margin, optical cell inspection is a critical step. VINSPEC SOLAR machine vision solutions are the tool of choice.

The Following Inspections Occur during the Manufacturing Process:

  • Cell texturing
  • Antireflective coating
  • Electro-plating/printing
  • Final quality

VITRONIC Offers Machine Vision Systems for All Relevant Cell Production Steps:

  • Optical inspection following texturing and antireflective coating:
    VINSPEC SOLAR ARC inspects cells for process and quality deviations inline, such as reflectivity, homogeneity, and thickness of the antireflective coating
  • Optical inspection following electro-plating/printing:
    VINSPEC SOLAR PI inspects cells for printing defects and deviations inline. This can be done on the front and rear side.
  • Optical inspection in cell tester:
    VINSPEC SOLAR CTS inspects the quality both on the front and on the rear side. Inspection criteria include geometrical properties, edge and surface defects, and print quality. In addition, it inspects the color on the front side to enable precise and reliable sorting.

All VINSPEC SOLAR systems use high-resolution line scan or matrix cameras combined with the most suitable lighting solution. They can inspect all types of cells, whether mono or multicrystalline.

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  • VINSPEC SOLAR systems have a proven track record of being extremely accurate, sturdy, and reliable
  • Very high customer benefit
  • Very good price/performance ratio
  • Global network and service offering
  • More than 30 years of experience in industrial machine vision systems
  • Standard systems, customizable to specific processes and customer needs
  • If your demands grow, the modular design of VITRONIC solutions makes system expansion quick and easy
  • Hardware and software package from a single source
  • 1000+ camera systems installed in cell and module plants all over the world
  • Customers include Hanwha/Q Cells, Solarworld, Motech, Yingli, JA-Solar, Trina, Jinko, TSEC, Canadian Solar etc.


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