VINSPEC HEALTHCARE enables reliable detection for safe 3D robot gripping activities

Medical device manufacturers use 3D robot vision and automatic handling to determine the position of sensitive objects, as well as to precisely grip and safely handle them.

Sensitive objects, such as highly complex and non-structurally-stable parts like bundle packaging and IV bags, must be reliably detected, have their position and size determined and be carefully gripped in order to be moved to packaging ready for dispatch or the sterilization process.

3-dimensional position- and shape determination with VINSPEC HEALTHCARE
3-dimensional position- and shape determination with VINSPEC HEALTHCARE

During this process, VINSPEC HEALTHCARE provides the technology for process optimization and cost reduction and therefore the conditions required for efficient, reliable handling, even in applications where this was not previously possible.

Unlike conventional vision applications, the VITRONIC technology can reliably handle and identify sensitive objects with variable geometries. This means that multi-packs and IV bags can be handled safely and reliably with an innovative combination of a 3D scanner and a color camera. The object’s position, orientation, dimensions and color scheme are automatically extracted from the three-dimensional volume profile and transmitted to the robot control unit, ready for it to be duly packaged or stacked in sterilization containers.

The use of 3D technology makes it possible to reliably determine the position of all objects that do not contrast with the background, that have undefined or changing outer dimensions and that need to be handled with care.

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